Who? Why? What?

Hello! I thought I’d start off by giving an introduction to who I am, why I started this blog and what I will be writing about! I am an ordinary 21 year old guy that is situated in Uppsala, Sweden and I am currently studying Social Sciences, more specifically IT and Business!

The first harsh winters of mine were spent in Stockholm and when I was 12 years old I moved to a small town called Östhammar, 7 miles north of Uppsala, with my dad. It was the coziest little town, where pretty much everyone knew everyone, but at the end of high school I longed back to a big city, however not as big as Stockholm, so naturally I ended up at Uppsala! I struggled through college for some different reasons, however last year I managed to fight through it and complete it. Motivation for study was long gone though, and therefore I moved to Stockholm for work and lived with my mom and my two smaller siblings. After a year as partially a chef, but mostly as a cashier in the local grocery stores I refound my motivation to study, and I knew I didn’t want to study in Stockholm, so I ended up studying Business in the northern part of Sweden, a small city called Umeå, very much similar to Uppsala, except it’s alot more cold!

After a year in Umeå, after discovering my passion for programming, I made the decision to move to Uppsala to study, because I could easily make my own programme here with IT and Business combined, aswell as it being an absolutely gorgeous city and fantastically fun student life! And I stand by it! Since moving here I have been incredibly happy, and I feel this city has become a part of me and I can honestly call it my home.

On to why I started this blog! It is for several different reasons!
The first being my realization a few days ago when I came upon a Youtube video of a Harvard student named Scott Fish. He basically preached the immense personal developement he has had from the simple goal of reading a book per week. (Watch it here) This led me to believe that personal developement does not just come on its own, that it is an active day-to-day effort that you need to make. And that every year, week or day should have specific goals, that in turn when you accomplish them, make you a happier or more developed person. For me, blogging, would be both to clearly articulate my goals and thoughts and follow my progress, aswell as for me in the future to be able to go back and see what my thoughts were, sort of like a diary. The difference to a diary would be the fact that my posts being publicly available is going to push me into articulating myself more clearly which will both develope my English, make it easier for me to look back at what I thought, and at the same time hopefully providing value or inspiration to a reader!

In essence this blog will be about me expressing my thoughts, progress on my goals, photographs or stories from every-day life or vacations.


Long time no write

Oh dear, I have not written in a long while.. I don’t know why it is so hard to be consistent. I know it is so fun when I actually do write, but I never make the time for it. I think last time was in July, just after getting back from my trip to Czech and Poland. After that I had about a month of quiteness and relaxation before I was going to finish off the summer with a festival in Gothenburg, followed up by a trip to Lowlands festival in Netherlands. I could probably write forever about those two trips, they were both so fun and exciting! Gothenburg had some rain and storm in store for us, but nonetheless it was amazing and I discovered several new artists that were fantastic. The best thing about it was that I got to see some of my newly discovered artists in Lowlands aswell. I literally saw them in Gothenburg, and added pretty much all their albums to Spotify and then one week later I get to experience them again, which was so great!

I am now in my first weeks of University starting again and I have sooo much fun stuff happening this semester. I just started my studies in Information Systems, which was a big reason of me moving back to Uppsala, so it is very exciting to finally be starting it. The first few weeks have been fun and I do not regret my decision at all. Other than that I also discovered Chinese in the summer, but realized how hard it is to stay consistent, just like writing here. So I signed up for University courses, because deadlines and week-to-week schedules together with exams and stuff really do help me with staying on track and putting in the hours. So far it is so incredibly fun, but also so challenging. A big reason for me loving Chinese is their characters and writing system, but it’s also the most difficult part for me now in the beginning, because it is so much to learn. However, I am just going to fight through this first semester and hope it gets easier as time goes on. ANOTHER very important motivator for me learning Chinese right now, is the yesterdays announcement from my institution saying I got accepted to study in Shanghai at SILC next semester, I am literally so happy. As I am writing this I just signed my exchange contract and about to send it in. It is going to be so exciting, and I will hopefully stay consistent with writing when I am there!

It doesn’t stop there with fun exciting things happening this semester though. I just started my work at my program’s association as head of finances, which includes me being a part of a lot of fun activities, AND not only that I got accepted at Norrlands nation to be a member of the auditing committee. That means I get to really get an insight into how nations work and at same time meet a lot of interesting and fun people. I am really looking forward to be a part of the committee, and in the nearest weeks I will need to read up a lot on the rules, etc, within the nation. Besides that I also started a new job in the summer at Teleopti as a support consultant, meaning I get to be working for a fantastic company, with so many sweet colleagues and a really nice atmosphere. I am really happy to be working here, and basically my role there is to work remotely and be first line support, so it is really cool to get an insight into how IT companies operate.

I would want to write about so much of this in detail, but it is not really reasonable for one post haha, so in the future I am going to post more consistently so I can be more detailed and also have all the details fresh in my mind.  I am looking forward to writing about all what is going on this semester because it is so action-packed with lots of fun activities.

Now I need to head home to continue learning some Chinese. 再见 good bye!

My goals!

I haven’t written in a long time now, which means I have way too much to write about to write about everything in one post. Todays’ will be about finally articulating my long-term goals and how I am going to see them through.

During my trip to Prag and Krakow, I, more and more started to think about how I wanted to change my daily and weekly routines back in Uppsala. This resulted me in wanting to implement a lot of things, like, starting to write a book, learning an instrument, to be even more consistent in reading, getting up early in the mornings, going to the gym consistently and much more. However, I want to more clearly articulate my goals with this blog post. My daily and weekly routines should focus on developing new good habits in accordance to my long-term goals and outgrowing bad habits that does not help me. This requires me firstly to establish my long-term goals and which habits can help accomodate those, but also to identify bad habits and establish what consequences those bad habits do to inhibit my goals, in order to better avoid the pitfalls when I try to rid these habits.
I will now try to accurately describe my long-term goals, every aspect of it, and try to detail it as much as I can, and why I am trying to achieve these. The way I see it, there are several different fields I want to be successful in, in order to be happy. I have a hard time establishing which are the most important to my happiness, however I will set that aside for now.

The first field I think about is my career. I want to have a wide array of opportunities, be important to my industry or field, and be satisfied with my job. Work satisfaction for me primarily entails me feeling important in my position, having a good work-life balance, working in a field that I find interesting and in a company with a healthy culture. Widely, the field I find most interesting is IT, however, more precisely I am pretty certain I want to work within Information Security. Ever since I tried out some small amounts of ethical hacking I knew this is the field I want to work in. It requires you to constantly stay up to date with the current technology in order to stay relevant, and since numerous IT-scandals recent years and more and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance of Information Security, it makes it a excellent career decision in general, in addition to my interest for it.
How am I going to score a job within this industry and how am I going to acquire a position of which I deem satisfying and meaningful?
After research, and also interviewing experience I have confirmed the importance of technical certifications in landing jobs within the industry, as well as acquiring senior positions. The most notable certifications that I got confirmed are valuable are the ones from the organisation Comptia. They have a clear certification path if you want to work within Information Security and includes,  A+ (two parts), Network+, Security+ which adresses core IT, computer, networking and security skills, and then CySA+ (Cybersecurity Analyst) and CASP, which are more advanced security certifications of which you work several years in the industry before you are ready.
After a interview I had recently which confirmed that these certifications are relevant or helpful to scoring a good job, I am certain I want to acquire A+, Network and Security+ before my University studies are finished in order to directly get a job within my desired field. I also noted I wanted a wide array of opportunities and I think this primarily boils down to having a rich network of people from different companies and fields. I think a key principle in acquiring this is not being self-centered and giving people value, which can consist of for example offering opportunities or knowledge.

The second field I think about is my social life. If I want company I want to be able to have friends to hang out with or go out with, but I also need a few close friends of which for me means there is a mutual care for each others well being, and of whom you feel like you can talk with openly about anything. First of all to achieve this I will underline the importance of making active efforts to sustain existing friendships, of which I have lacked in the past, that I am actively trying right now to improve. Furthermore, in order to achieve a wider social network I think the primary key is to expose yourself to more social situations where you do not know the parties involved. I think the best way to go about it is to really identify my main interests and go to social situations that involve these interests and be social and outgoing, in order to socialize myself with like-minded people.

The third field is my family. I think the most important for me as I have four smaller siblings is that I want to have a good relationship with all of them. Keeping in touch with family and actively sustaining my relationship with my parents is also important to me for obvious reasons and because of the support they’ve given me throughout the years.

The fourth field is concerning my mind, and is probably the biggest one for me. Neuropsychological studies have shown that our minds are constantly changing and adapting, and I have recently realized the importance of habits. How adaptable our brains are is remarkable, for example a violinist’s brain circuitry over time changes to promote their right hand a lot more than their left. This even extends to the way we form our thoughts, we can literally learn to think positively and in a good way about ourselves (Instant Confidence, by Paul Mckenna, I highly recommend to read this book, it includes exercises to form micro-habits to train yourself to think in a better way). This leads me to believe that the key to long-term happiness lies primarily in forming healthy ”thought habits”. I will discuss some of my bad habits, because they are very relevant to this idea of thought habits, and I will then go into what my long-terms goals are in relevance to my mind.

My primary bad habit, that probably alot of people have is looking down on myself, judging myself unnecessarily and bringing up experiences that makes me feel lesser.
Another is thinking too much about the future, of things that I cannot control, which is completely meaningless and serves no purpose. I would be so much happier if I did not do these things and if I instead focused on the present and the immediate future of which I can control the outcome.

This leads me to some pretty simply stated long-term goals in order to be more at peace with myself and a happier person. Be aware of the present, worry only about things of which is important and that I can control the outcome of, and think positively about myself. Easier said than done. However, with mindfulness and the idea of habit loops I think it is accomplishable. Furthermore,on the topic of my mind, I want to increase my intellectual capacity and become more knowledgeable.

How am I going to achieve all of these goals?
Let’s start off with the fourth field. I will practice mindfulness daily to become more aware of where my attention is, what I am thinking and become more in tune with my mind and emotions. I will try to catch negative thoughts as they arise and deal with them, and instead promote positive thoughts. Furthermore, I wanted to become more knowledgeable, and I think a good way is to simply read one book per week, which I have been doing for some time now and I have found it incredibly fulfilling, so I am definitely going to continue with that. I have also recently gotten very interested in the idea of writing a fiction-book, which I am currently planning and researching for to be able to write a script.
With the third field I need to make more time for my family, and especially my siblings.
To adress the second field I identified several interests I want to pursue and that will also help my social goals. I want to learn to play the bass, start going to more yoga classes in my gym, but also get back to boxing in the autumn, and take dancing and krav maga classes. Long-term I want to become profficient in all these areas, as well as get good enough at the bass to play in a band. I also discussed with a friend to start a book club, where we pick a book each week and talk over everyones thoughts about it at the end of each week.
To pursue my career goals I will take one certification each university semester as well as study enough to get good grades in University, but also be active in my part-time job and be of good value to hopefully advance in the company.

At the start of each month and week I will write down how I am going to see through these goals. Each month I am going to make sure I see both my dad and mom-side of the family at least once. Each week should include at least one book read, atleast one blog post, two boxing classes, two dancing classes, one or two gym days and one krav maga class. And every day should include some bass-practice, 30min of language, 4 hours of university study, couple of hours certification studying and 2 hours of programming if the university studying does not include it, but most importantly I need to think actively throughout the day of my habits and I will end the day with meditation, active reflection and what to think about the next day.

In the summer I will focus on studying for the first part of the A+ exam, mindfulness and spending time with my family. Tomorrow will be my first introduction-day at my new job, so next week I am going to make sure I learn everything and make a good first impression, and besides that just get started on my book-script.


Back from Norway!!

So I haven’t posted in a while because of several reasons. First one being just occupying my time like crazy with taking different courses now in the summer and getting into programming again. Second being a trip to Norway for the last 5 days, which was absolutely fantastic, as hopefully the pictures depict. Third one being me just not making time to write, it’s not really a habit of mine yet, which is why I think I will just make it a goal of mine to simply write at least one blog post per week.

Norway then! It was amazing! I greatly underestimated my neighbouring country and its beauty. It was literally a blast just roadtripping through the mountains and seeing all the fantastic views. On our way to places we very often had to stop at certain locations just to admire the nature. The waterfall picture above is taken when we were on our way to Trolltongue, which we just had to stop and look at, among many other spots.

The hike to Trolltongue was among the toughest things I have ever done in my life. The hike is around 28km and includes a 1100m climb, and we had the brilliant idea of starting in the afternoon the 2nd day and simply bring a tent to sleep in and to then finish the afternoon the next day. And, of course it turned out to be like the worst storm ever that night, and the location was not at all optimal for our tent, to say the least. We eventually settled down in a location that was sheltered from the wind, but it meant we had to basically sleep at an angle and on some rocks, which in other words meant minimal sleeping and maximum pain. I was convinced the tent was going to collapse during the night, and went out several times just to check everything was still attached properly, but after conceeding to my fate I just prayed it would hold and went to sleep. I remember waking up shivering and with pain in my whole body, not particularly happy about life, and I don’t think any of us were that keen, however we had managed to survive and it had also stopped raining and after some warm food, getting our backpacks in order and getting our blood flowing we were back on track. When we eventually got there it was definitely worth it, it was soooo incredibly beautiful, hard to describe, or even for pictures to truly tell the story. I think partially because of the effort you needed to put to get there, made it even more rewarding.

The return part of the hike was the most challenging for my part, as it was raining almost the entire way back and pretty much every step made you grin from pain, and the 15kg backpack definitely did not help. The last few steps of getting down from that mountain though. Holy moly, was I relieved, we had actually pulled it off. It was pretty much of all ours first long hike and we managed a whole black trail. Not only that, we slept in the mountains when it was storming. I think it is safe to say we definitely got the full experience, however if I were to recommend someone this trip I’d tell them to not start in the afternoon, and sleep in the stormy mountains.

After this hike was finished we just looked at each other in agreement, we’re not sleeping in a tent tonight or eating prepackaged food for dinner. Instead, we treated ourself some kebab and pizza (so much for the healthy lifestyle), and in the evening spent the night in a hostel. We got incredibly lucky and the hostel was pretty much empty because of it being off-season, and we literally got an entire floor for ourselves, with a shower, kitchen and living room with TV. It was like heaven at this point after sleeping in a tent for several days.

Following this, we just took a daytrip to ”Bergen”, a city in western Norway, it’s actually really cool. From the city centre you can look up the mountain and they have built hundreds of houses alongside it. After some dinner and walking around in the city we took off towards Gudvangen of which we were going to kayak the next day. It’s a gorgeous place to kayak in as the ”river” is located between two large mountains so it’s like a valley. We knew from the day before that it was going to rain in the morning, so we booked a half day kajaking trip that started a little later, however once arriving there, to our dissapointment, it was clear that it was only going to get worse during the day, and the kajaking agency canceled the trip. With bad weather in like the whole mountainy and cool part of Norway, we just decided to roadtrip to Oslo and try out one of these so called ”escape rooms”, where you are put into a room, with a given scenario and try to solve riddles in order to escape. Even though we didn’t make it on time it was super fun and I would definitely do it again but with another cool story.

Our flight left in the morning, the next day so we decided to just turn in our car and make use of the airport as an hotel. And so, after some very minimalistic sleeping, and waking up shivering we flew back to Sweden, and I had gotten lucky to get scheduled interview for some very cool jobs for when I was returning to Sweden. This meant I basically went straight to Stockholm for interview, showing up with all my packing, and to then head right back to Uppsala for another one. So at this time of writing, I have pretty much just saved all the pictures from the trip, written this, and after this I need to make some dinner and actually unpack all my stuff (lord help me).

Tomorrow I am going to Stockholm to visit family a bit before I head off to a friends cabin for spending the midsummer there, which is going to be fantastic! After that I have one day off before I have another trip that I have been really looking forward to aswell. We’re going to Prag for 4 days and Krakow for 8, and just going to relax and enjoy the cities, which will be a nice change to the hiking in Norway, both pleasant in their own ways!

Growing habits

Yesterday evening I realized my own weaknesses for real, and came about analyzing myself a bit more deeply.  When I was fasting for a week I entered a completely different mindset, and I was ultra-productive the whole time, basically getting up early and spending the whole day doing only productive things that was for my own benefit. However, when I stopped fasting, it was really easy for me to stop those things, and yesterday I wasn’t at all as productive as I was during the fast. Didn’t read a single page, didn’t clean my room properly, didn’t feel that desire to go the gym tomorrow. In the evening though, I reflected upon my behaviour a bit, and I actually got really mad at myself and started thinking about why my mindset so quickly changed.

It is very easy to go back to old habits, and not stick with your new ones that aren’t as developed yet (only been doing this for a week, compared to being generally unproductive for alot longer). I think simply realizing this and being aware of your minds subconscious automaticity when ”you come up” with an idea about maybe eating unhealthy or whatever, IT is simply your brain that is presenting your past habits, and active efforts need to be made to push these thoughts away and build new more healthy habits that are good for you longterm. This is why over the near future I am going to try and concretize my goals long-term, what I would want to see in the next 5 years, and really try and break those goals down into micro-goals that can be turned into micro-habits. This way I can have concrete goals in every-day life in order to achieve my long-term goals.

I became aware of a big weakness yesterday, that I unfortunately do way too much of, it is to think about the future too much, and not enough on the present and making my current day the best it can be. I think the future should be thought on in terms of as I said above, and also to focus my mind on things in the present day that are actually important to my long-term goals and that are affectable by me. If I cannot affect this circumstance, I shouldn’t bother thinking about it, or if it is a circumstance that doesn’t affect any of my goals, it shouldn’t be on my mind. This is alot easier said than done, but atleast being aware of this fact, I will try to push these thoughts away whenever I am aware of having them. I also think it will help to concretize my goals into subgoals and microhabits, because then I am able to clearly know what I should focus my attention to.

Today, I had a very productive day though! I went to the gym as I set out to, hiked, and also read a book for several hours while enjoying the sun, after which I enjoyed a conversation and coffee with an old friend. Nothing but productivity this day, and I am going to make an active effort to keep it that way! The book was about mindfulness from a scientific standpoint that connects psychotheraphy and neuropscychology which was super interesting. Of what I have read so far, and which inspired me alot today, was that your mind is constantly being shaped to adapt to your life and your needs, so if you build habits, excercise mindfulness, etc, it will change you, literally.



Free Will

Read the book ”Free Will” by Sam Harris today, and I must say it was thought-provoking to say the least. Very easy to read book that explains his ideas about how essentially we do not have an free will and challenges the thought of us being the author of our own thoughts and intentions. Super interesting, and really makes you think. So, as follows, are you subjectively aware of how your thoughts appear, or do they simply appear in your consciousness without you really knowing why? After some thought experiments, I, atleast came to the conclusion that I don’t exactly know why I think about certain things, certain people or certain places.

”The intention to do one thing and not another does not originate in consciousness – rather it appears in consciousness, as does any thought or impulse that might oppose it”

Proof of this was given by the physiologist Benjamin Libet who used EEG to show that activity in the brain motor cortex can be detected some 300 ms before a person feels that he has decided to move. Moreover, another lab did similar research using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) where subjects were asked to press one of two buttons while watching a ”clock” composed of a random sequence of letters appearing on a screen. After they decided which button press they reported which letter was visible at that moment. The results were fascinating! They found two brain regions that contained information about which button subjects would press SEVEN to TEN seconds before the decision was consciously made!

There is more research that supports these experiments, and the implications from this alone, not even putting much more thought into it, is staggering! Moments that we think we have complete free will to do whatever we like, and we do not know what to do, our brain has already determined our future decision. This would mean that our consious thoughts and intentions are not actually controlled by ourselves, and if we have no control over how we think, are we really free to do whatever we want?

I used to heavily condemn people who argued that it is because of their background that they have evil intentions. I could of course recognize the fact that if you had a rough childhood, or if you have been taught bad moral, or had in general bad past experiences, you might be more inclined to do morally bad actions, but I emphasized every individuals free will, regardless of their background, that they can ultimately choose which path they take. I used to know a person, not going to go into much more details about who, however, he had a family with heavy criminal connections and he had a very questionable dad, so his upbringing was not optimal to say the least. His actions really reinforced my ideas about free will, of which, instead of going to easy route into criminality like the rest of his family, he joined the special forces. This really impressed me when I found out. However, after some more thought after reading Harris’s perspective on free will. If we literally are not our own creators of thoughts and intentions, someone who would choose the ”easy” way as in the examples case, or if a criminal does a morally questionable action, the intention to do so, would be derived from this persons subconscious which is driven by past experiences and which they have no control over. I do not think any more, that you can blame the actual person, and simply accuse them of why did you do this, or why did u not.

I would like to extend this thought though! Say you go to a coffee shop and you have no idea what you want, as is the case with me 99% of the time, but after much thinking I decide on coffee, however the cashier says it’ll cost 1000kr, which is absurd, after which I decide not to! Of course the concept of me not having a free will here is still evident, as the intention to not buy it still simply appears in my consciousness, and in my subconsciousness I probably already made the decision based on past experiences that that price is way too high. If you compare this to a situation of which it would be a criminal act to be committed, if the price you pay is, say death, that would act as an deterral. Even if people have no immediate control over their thoughts or intentions, external stimuli and society can therefore indirectly control people with the legal system. This is why I would think the legal system still provides a very important role even in the case that we have no free will. There is more points to be made for that case. For example if someone is dangerous towards the society, regardless of their background they should be locked up/or put into a rehabilitation center, to safeguard the rest of the society. This could be seen as morally right, as it most likely promotes the health or well being of the general population.

Legal system today is based on the idea of free will, that we are all responsible for our actions based on if we do it in in/off character. This leads to numerous examples of people being released because they cannot be held accountable, simply because they have for example a mental illness and the legal system disregards the fact that they are a danger to society. The same case is never made for someone who has had a horrible background, of which people simply see the person as a monster, regardless of that persons past experiences. Nevertheless, regardless of this persons background they are a danger to society and because I think the legal system should mainly be to uphold the society’s base values and promote well-being, and to defend the general population, a persons background should be no reason to mitigate the sentence. I just think it’s hypocritical for the legal system to free someone that has mentally illness (maybe bad genes), and not free someone who’s actions are driven by past experiences.

Those were some of my thoughts on the area, I could go on rambling forever, but if these thoughts made you interested in this concept I highly recommend Sam Harris’ short book on 70 pages. Incredibly light and easy to understand.



Food, happiness, same thing?

Yesterday when I was planning my meals for the week, I realized I would have very little time on monday for making food, and after much temptation I decided to make it a 6 day fast, and break it on the morning of the 7th. That means I had some chicken bone broth for breakfast, which was an absolute delight and literally that alone made me full haha! After one hour of watching some chess (I do not know what is going on with me, I seem to pick a new hobby every other day), I fried some eggs with cheese on top and coupled that with some salad topped with olive oil and edamernuts. Then I had time for an 2 hour hike with some friends, which was fantastic, wished it was longer, but I had to hurry home to make it on time to a association meeting. It was the final meeting of which the current board gave over responsibility to the new board (Among them mee!), aswell as the heads of each committee giving an introduction to how the year has went, and what we need to think about going forward. I am going to be in charge of the finances of the assocation, so the former head of finance basically had a 2 hour walk-through of way too much information, of which I hope I remembered all the important parts! I am actually soooo excited for this, and I already have some plans of how to maybe propel the association forward and grow it more. Let’s just pray together that I wont go overboard and bankrupt the assocation, I will do my best!

After that I was pumped for my first dinner for a week, which consisted of frying bacon, mushrooms, and adding the last of the broth, together with cream and chicken. The taste turned out amazing, although I am getting really sick of fat. I think I need to come up with different keto-recipes if I am not going to go mad!

Monday tomorrow! New week, new possibilities and goals! I am going to finish Sam Harris’ book early so I can hopefully try to finish two books in one week as Harris’ one is pretty short. I also have an essay to finish, but hopefully that will be done already tomorrow. That means I have all rest of the week to focus on other things, which will definitely include me going to the gym 3 times, and hiking a minimum of 4 times, of which one will be a full day trip with a friend (really looking forward to it, going to be super fun! And also great training for the Norway trip!) Besides that I want to practice my Dutch 30 minutes every day and also develope my chess game! (To the point of where I don’t lose to low rated AI).

If I follow all of these mini-goals, I will definitely be super happy about my week, and to top of the week I am visiting my mother in Stockholm (MOTHERS DAY!), can’t miss to celebrate that day!

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all have a great week!

My 5th and 6th day of water fast!

So yesterday was action packed from start to finish, didn’t get any time to write, so thought I’d do it today which is a much more calm day. Yesterday was my 5th day of water fasting, and it went fantastic, I barely felt any urges to eat or hunger, and it’s safe to say I didn’t feel any energy defecit as I was up and running the entire day and night. I got the chance to visit my great grandad yesterday in the hospital, which I couldn’t do on Thursday because of bad timing. The meeting felt crazy to me, usually when someone is as old as him, and they suffer some difficulties, that’s when they fall apart, and from that moment it’s just an uphill struggle. But no, not for him! He had heart problems, and had to remove several liters of water from his lungs, and when I meet him two days after, he is making jokes and being as candid as usual. Such a strong man, never seeming to faulter, 90 years old and seemingly as quick on his feet as me, haha so fantastic!

The rest of the day was great aswell! I had to get all my hiking equipment, and I was struggling alot to find a backpack that I liked! I wanted it to be handbagage-friendly, but at the same time be able to carry pretty high volume, and of course also be comfortable and high quality. After alot of searching I finally ended up at the Osprey Farpoint 40. And of course pretty much no one is selling it, but thankfully I could at least trust the supplier to sell it, and also ship it to Sweden! (SO HAPPY!) To get the rest of what I needed I headed to XXL (nordic store for sports and wildlife-equipment), where I bought my hiking boots, sleeping bag and mat. I got overambitious and also visited IKEA because it was super close, and bought so many of these glass lunch boxes, and a huge skillet. This meant, I got a real workout heading home, people probably thought I was dying with the way I carried this bag, BUT I SURVIVED!

Hiking with my new camera, the Nikon D7200! The pictures you saw just above were taken with my newly bought camera, and on first try it felt fantastic! I quickly realized, though, that it is alot harder than I thought to be able to use it well and utilize all the settings and functions it has. It truly is an art to be able to take really good pictures, and I have even more respect now for good photographers. It’s for sure not something you learn in one day, so I am going to keep practicing and hopefully you guys will see my progress!

Night out! After arriving home and getting ready for the evening, I pretty much had ten minutes to sit down before my friends came over and we had pre-drinks and played some games. The predrinks were great and we headed to Värmlands nation kind of late, so we only got to dance there for about an hour, but the mood and music there was great and I had a blast. Keep in mind my fast though, I was not about to break it tonight with alcohol, even if I can admit the red wine at the pre-drinks looked way too tasty. However, I simply had water the entire evening, and today my body thanks me for it, and I still had alot of fun, so win-win!

On to my 6th day of water fasting, I am nearing the end now, which feels great, I am definitely looking forward to eating food again. My plan is to break it on Monday, my 8th day, really slowly. The breaking of the fast is the hardest part, and where I think most people fail. YOU can’t eat normal food the first thing you do if you have not eaten for 7 days, your stomach is just not adapted to it anymore. The enzymes and breakdown mechanicisms are not really there anymore in the same way and you need to build it up by introducing nutrients slowly in a safe manner. Typically you drink juice the first day, and go on to water-based vegetables like watermelon, and then nuts, and you go on in this way. Last time I fasted I only followed the first day, of juice and watermelon, and the second day I was back to eating like normal, which worked fine for me, because I didn’t have a super long fast, only 8 days I think I recall. I do recommend to follow it though to feel optimal and be safe, ESPECIALLY if you have been fasting for 10 days or longer.
Before the fast I was doing a keto-diet which is all about high fat, in order to maintain deep ketosis. When you’re fasting you basically go into the deepest ketosis, and therefore I am going to try to go revolutionary and break the fast keto-style, and go straight back into the high-fat diet, which basically keeps me in deep ketosis. I am going to work out a healthy schedule for my first week of foods tomorrow.

Now I am off for a hike, and I’ll bring the camera with me in case I run into beautiful areas, and then I will read some of Sam Harris’ book Free Will, I haven’t gotten the time for that yet!